"It Feels Like the Clouds have lifted" *


There are so many things that get in the way of us fully enjoying life or fulfilling our potential. Some are minor niggles and some are major, life-changing events. With the right helping hand, you can learn how to deal with whatever life throws you and, who knows, you might even uncover that elusive silver lining. 

*comment from Susan, after her second session for Depression



I use hypnosis in the context of a therapy session to help clients open their minds and as a way of encouraging relaxation and letting go of stress. Because of the way I use hypnosis and relaxation, clients usually enjoy the session and come away feeling reinvigorated yet "chilled out" at the same time.


I teach mindfulness and meditation to individuals or small groups as I have found it a great way to manage the ups and downs of everyday life. Though it takes time and some personal effort, daily meditation and practising mindfulness can really help maintain mental wellbeing.



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